Playing with Google Guice: Splash Screens

The previous entry showed the creation of a (very) simple single frame application. Splash screens are common, so lets add one. Since there’s no easy way to do it for all occasions, we’ll use a Guice module to provide it for runtimes prior to Java 6.

public static void main(String[] args)
   URL splashImage = Main.class.getResource("/images/splash.png");
   // create the splash module for pre Java 6 runtimes.
   Module splashModule = Java5SplashScreenModule(splashImage);
   Launcher.launch(MyApplication.class, args, splashModule);

And that’s it. The framework will display the splash screen and all will work fine. Of course if you’re running on Java 6 you’d used the Java 6 version (that uses the new SplashScreen functionality). Of course if we don’t define the service in one of our modules, the framework uses the default `NullSplashScreenService`.

If MyApplicationFrame (or any other class for that matter) wanted to use the splash screen service, it just needs to inject it into it’s constructor.

public class MyApplicationFrame extends JFrame
   public MyApplicationFrame(SplashScreenService splashService)
      // do stuff....
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