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Private Mixin Interfaces

One additional feature of my binding library is that a Mixin can register any number of interfaces to a presentation model. This allows the Mixin to define implementation properties that aren’t visible to the user. Thus code completion on the … Continue reading 

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DIY Whiteboard

I can’t live without a decent whiteboard, so I recently built one in my home office. Very cool. Whiteboard - $29 Delivery - $33 Sticky stuff to mount it - $30 Being able to draw all over your walls.. priceless. (c:

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GUI Commands Personal License Now Available

A new Personal License has been released for individuals wishing to use GUI Commands for commercial purposes. The new license is available for $15 (US). For more information please visit the GUI Commands website

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Playing with ANTLR

One aspect that can be annoying when creating value models creating bindings for their enabled and visible states. The following shows a simple example where certain components are enabled and disabled based on the value of others. In this screen, the … Continue reading 

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And then there were Mixins

One of the key goals for my binding infrastructure has been to make it easy to extend the value models to suit your business requirements. The idea was let you define a custom value model properties and have the library … Continue reading 

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